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The house is located in a quiet area with lots of greenery and a well-developed infrastructure.

A general education school, an outpatient hospital, and childcare facilities are located within walking distance.


A hybrid cast-in-situ concrete and brick residential 3-slab residential building featuring 208 apartments based on a custom design project.

The total area of the building is 11,533 sq.m. The basement and the ground floor will host non-residential premises.

The house features the following apartment types:
efficiencies — 41.85 – 42.75 sq.m.
one bedroom apartments — 57.2 sq.m.
two bedroom apartments — 81.15 sq.m.

All apartments feature protruding or semi-recessed balconies.

Construction Progress

May 2012

August 2012

November 2012

June 2013

September 2013

January 2013

Detailed information about the building is provided at the Internet site of Premier Development