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The house is located in a quiet area with lots of greenery and a well-developed infrastructure in direct proximity of River Klyazma.

The residents are provided with foot stores and supermarkets, a drug store, a beauty salon, an outpatient hospital, a branch of Sberbank.

A kindergarten, a general education school, a children’s musical school and a stadium are located within walking distance.


The 25-storey house is located in an unpolluted are of Korolyov, features a tailored facade color solution and is created from environmentally safe materials.

The house features efficiency and one-bedroom apartments, as well as studio apartments with comfortable layouts and great views.

Each of the house sections is equipped with three elevators of various sizes and capacity.

The ground floor will host a number of infrastructure facilities intended for the residents’ convenience.

The curtilage will be landscaped and planted with greenery. The design features a playground and number of family recreation areas.

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Construction Progress

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Detailed information about the building is provided at the Internet site of Premier Development