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The Holding

Operations of all company subdivisions are characterized by high competitiveness and economic efficiency.
Premier Holding has gained a reputation of a conscientious partner and a responsible contractor always meticulously performing its contractual obligations. The Holding continuously applies innovative solutions, such as the Hybrid Concrete Frame Construction Technology (SMKD) applicable for erecting facilities of various designations.

Operating principles:
  • finding comprehensive solutions for problems of any degree of complexity;
  • applying innovative approach in all business areas;
  • focusing on the customers’ interests;
  • creating the reliable by improving the existing.
The Holding’s goals and objectives:
  • Centralized management of the companies within the Holding structure
  • Strategic planning of the Holding’s and each particular company’s operations
  • Creation, introduction and continuous development of corporate management systems
  • Development of a goal and assessment criteria for each business area
  • Control over performance of approved plans, analysis and timely adjustment of goals
  • Identification and creation of new profit centers
Geography of Operations:

Premier Holding is never complacent and continuously expands the geography of its operations in accordance with the interests of its customers. Presently the holding is engaged in construction operations in Moscow and the Moscow Region, as well as in a number of other regions of Russia.

  • a full range of services, from design engineering to implementation;;
  • optimum prices for services;
  • transparency of the company’s operations;
  • membership in professional organizations.